Why choose extra care supported housing

A house shape made out of hands for the walls and roofIf you need care or support and you need to move to more suitable housing, extra care supported housing may be right for you.

What is provided?

Flats are unfurnished. You will need to supply all essential items including carpets, curtains, furniture and in some cases, kitchen equipment.

Extra care supported housing schemes provide:

  • a self-contained flat with an assured shorthold tenancy
  • security and safety features such as door entry systems and CCTV to the main entrance.
  • all schemes have a concierge service in the evenings, except for Shipton House.
  • lifts
  • assisted bathing facilities, if required
  • shared facilities including:
    • laundry rooms
    • communal living areas
    • guest rooms and
    • gardens.

Some additional services such as lunchtime meals or an on-site day care service are available at some of the schemes.

Onsite staff

Your care and support needs will be met by the onsite care team. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

All schemes have a minimum of one waking night staff and the larger schemes have two waking night staff. Waking night staff are care staff that are employed to be awake all night to undertake any unplanned care needs that may arise or planned care for residents who need support during the night.

You can also expect staff to:

  • help you settle in
  • link you to local health, support and leisure services
  • provide advice and support with any housing related issues

arrange planned activities on a regular basis at each scheme; residents can choose what they would like to do.

Who is eligible?

Extra care supported housing has care and support available on the same site. It is designed for people who are:

  • in need of a minimum of three hours of care and support per week, although it can be much higher
  • aged 18 years and over and have needs that are compatible with the service provided
  • able to live independently and it is agreed that moving into extra care supported housing will help you to stay independent for as long as possible.

These schemes are not designed to provide care and support to people with behaviours that challenge, for example substance misuse.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for extra care supported housing, you can contact your social worker to discuss your situation. If you do not have an allocated social worker you will need to contact Tower Hamlets Connect.

Contact Tower Hamlets Connect for more details.

Your care plan

The level of care you need will have been assessed and agreed with a Tower Hamlets social worker.

Each referral will be assessed on an individual basis. The service provider will make sure that the individual’s needs can be met by the service already being provided by the scheme.

The amount of care and support you need will be set out in your agreed care and support plan. The care team will then agree with you how your care and support will be delivered, for example how often carers will visit each day, for how long, and at what times.

As your needs change your care and support can be changed to reflect your needs increasing or decreasing as required in agreement with your social worker.

A minimum of three hours of care and support will be required to be provided by the care and support provider. Any additional needs that may already be being met by your family or friends, or another care and support provider can continue if you prefer. You will need to discuss this with your social worker beforehand.

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