Charges for care and support

Some Adult Social Care services are free but you may be asked to contribute towards the cost of others.

What will I pay?

The amount you pay will depend on the services you receive and your financial situation, the amount you have in savings and your income. A financial assessment will be undertaken to determine the amount you should contribute.

Tower Hamlets Council charges for all services provided through Adult Social Care, excluding:

  • reablement
  • support services for carers
  • equipment and adaptations up to ¬£1,000 in value
  • telecare.

The council's approach to charging is explained in detail in their Charging policy for Adult Social Care but you will find most of what you need to know, explained simply, here. 

Further information

For details of services available in Tower Hamlets, search the Community Directory. This includes free services and those that can provide financial advice.

For further information, including details of top-ups and deferred payments, please see our Paying for your care page.

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