Kitchen safety

Burns, slips and injuries are all too common in the kitchen, particularly for older people. You can minimise your risk of injury in the kitchen by following these safety tips:


  • wear appropriate clothing – overly baggy clothes can be a fire risk
  • always wear sensible shoes – sturdy soles with good grip and avoid opened toed shoes.

Cooker safety

  • always use oven gloves when removing hot items from the oven or microwave
  • when using the hob, ensure that the handles don’t point out over the edge to avoid knocking them off
  • ensure the ventilation system is working – in some cases it may be necessary to open a window
  • stir the pan away from your body to avoid burns and splashes on the hob.


  • keep things clean to prevent bacteria and deal with spillages promptly to avoid slips
  • remove any fire hazards such as flammable liquids, unplug small appliances when not in use, keep toasters and kettles away from curtains and tea towels
  • be careful when using knives and make sure they’re sharp. Blunt knives require more pressure to cut and are more prone to slipping.

Keep a first aid kit for the kitchen. It should include bandages and plasters for you to dress any wounds.

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