Finding support and equipment

Where to start

When you need advice regarding your care and support options, finding the right advice and information is important.   

Support from Tower Hamlets Connect

You should contact Tower Hamlets Connect who will be able to arrange an care and needs assessment to decide what help you may need and how it can be provided - by friends and family, community services or your own or council-funded resources.

If you want to organise care and support for someone who does not have the capacity to make this decision and you:

please our Adult Social Care team to discuss further.

Discovering what you need to know

Information about starting to look for care and who to talk to about meeting the costs can be found at Getting informed, getting prepared.

Finding equipment to support you at home

If you know what equipment you want or are having a particular difficulty at home you need equipment to assist you with, you can:

  • buy your own equipment, if you are able to pay for it yourself, or
  • refer yourself to an occupational therapist for advice and the loan of equipment, or or ask your GP to refer you.

Finding your care provider

Care providers are inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, telephone 03000 61616. 

Whilst the Care Quality Commission have a responsibility to inspect providers of care, Tower Hamlets Council are the lead agency in respect of any safeguarding and care service concerns that you or a relative may have related to your care at home or in a residential setting.

Employing you own carer or personal assistant

If you are employing  your own carer or personal assistant on a private basis, the council recommend you ask for references and ensure safety checks are completed.   Please refer to the Disclosure and Barring Service for more information.

If you wish to organise your own support but would like some more information or assistance to do this, please contact Tower Hamlets Connect.

Paying for your care

You may be eligible for financial assistance through the council to assist you to  pay for care and support.   

Alternatively, you may need to self fund your care. Contact the Adult Social Care team for advice.


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