Working with partners in the community

Safety in the community

The safety and welfare of our residents is key for us, from social and personal safety to the wider issues affecting us all as residents in London today.

We work with:

  • communities
  • police
  • housing providers
  • voluntary and private sectors, and
  • other statutory agencies

to ensure that you, your family and property are safe.

How we work with partners 

Tackling the root causes of crime and ASB

  • Working with our partners to tackle the underlying causes of crime and ASB, including drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Providing education and awareness-raising activities to prevent crime and ASB. Our ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign is an example of this.

Preventing crime and intervene early

  • Offering advice and support to design out crime from the local area
  • Commissioning outreach, treatment and recovery support for those with drug or alcohol problems.
  • Providing specialist outreach to estates and run programmes for young people through our Community Safety Response team.

Responding quickly and effectively when incidents occur 

  • Providing a reassuring presence through our Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers and helping the police
  • Preparing for and respond to major emergencies, including fires and floods, working with first responders including the London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service
  • Helping keep people informed of progress and next steps when incidents occur through the Community Tension Monitoring Group.

Working with the Police to disrupt, detect and investigate crime

  • Operating CCTV around the borough
  • Funding additional police officers to tackle local crime issues (referred to as the ‘Partnership Task Force’).
  • Sharing intelligence and pool resources with the police and partners to tackle local priorities at a local level. Operation Continuum, which disrupts the drugs trade, is an example.

Working with residents to tackle crime and safety issues

  • Managing and coordinating a response to local ward issues and cases of ASB working with all our partners.
  • Tackling ASB, support victims and bring perpetrators to justice, issuing injunctions against those causing ASB and closing down illegal raves and drugs addresses, through our council enforcement powers.
  • Our Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers work closely with the Homeless and Street Outreach team in the council.
  • Supporting the local police and work with local residents conducting community weapon sweeps to take knives off the street.
  • Researching where and when people feel unsafe and where ASB is happening, and deploy resources accordingly.
  • Listening to residents and work to tackle issues together. This is reflected through our Neighbourhood Management work in the North West of Tower Hamlets and the action days planned across the borough.
  • Working with and supporting all local Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels.
  • Informing residents of the actions we are taking to tackle crime and ASB, including our quarterly community safety newsletter. Sign up here for more information.
  • Celebrating success, such as the achievements of domestic abuse survivors and those who have overcome addictions.

Supporting victims and help people ‘break the cycle’

  • Funding domestic abuse refuges and provide specialist support to victims of domestic abuse.
  • Supporting victims of knife crime who present at the Royal London Hospital working with their major trauma team.
  • Supporting people to break the cycle of substance misuse, offending or abuse.
  • Safeguarding and support people who are vulnerable to radicalisation.
  • Working closely with adult social care, children’s social care and partners to agree the best way forward in complex cases involving vulnerable people or the criminal exploitation of young people.

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