Keeping your community safe

Man with his daughterWhat can you do?

As a local resident, you can help to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Tower Hamlets:

1. Take action to prevent crime

There are practical steps everyone can take to help prevent crime, from keeping valuables out of sight to protecting your personal information. The Crimestoppers website is a good source of information on this.

2. Report crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB)

In an emergency, always dial 999. To report crime, anti-social behaviour or safety concerns that are not an emergency, the place to go depends on the situation (although there is no ‘wrong door’). The council website has more information on who to contact in what situation by. More information can be found on our ASB webpage. We encourage everyone to report crime and ASB as we can only tackle what we know is happening.

3. Take care of your neighbourhood and think about your own impact

From putting litter in the bin to keeping noise and music levels down, everyone has a responsibility to their neighbours and community.

4. Look out for those around you

If you see something that you are concerned about or doesn’t seem right, say something. The council website tells you who to contact if you see a child, young person or vulnerable adult who may be a victim of abuse or
exploited; or if you are worried about someone’s safety as a result of homelessness or substance abuse.

5. Work with us and get involved

There are a range of ways you can actively work with us and the police to tackle crime and ASB. Joining your local Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel is a great starting point and a useful way to find out more.

6. Use the ‘Community Trigger’

The ‘Community Trigger’ enables residents to ask the council – and all our partners - to review our response to an ASB complaint. You can use the Community Trigger if you have reported three separate incidents within six months and no action has been taken. More information can be found on the council’s Community Trigger webpage.

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