Living with cancer

After your diagnosis

We recognise how difficult a diagnosis can be and the impact it can have on someone’s life.

Across Tower Hamlets there is now a full range of support services to help you as a cancer patient, with every stage of the journey. Please reach out and make contact to see how they can help you.

Macmillan Cancer Care has invested in two new services to help Tower Hamlets cancer patients when they return home from hospital.

Macmillan Cancer Care Navigation Service

The service is delivered by East London Foundation Trust.

The aims are:

  • to have personalised conversations to assess people’s holistic needs
  • co-produce a care plan, coordinating with other professionals in the team around the person
  • ensure that people access the information and support they require, especially in the community.

Further information can be found on the East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) website.

Take Home and Settle Service

Delivered by Age UK East London for people affected by cancer undergoing treatment. The aims are:

  • ensuring that the home environment is safe, clean and comfortable
  • organising practical support – e.g. personal care, household tasks, support with pets, children or other dependents
  • planning ahead for treatment schedules
  • providing reassurance and reducing anxiety
  • signposting and referring to other holistic support services in the community, or adult social care if needed

More information can be found on the AgeUK website. 

These new services will enable care closer to home, better transition support, joint assessment and care planning and improved experience and outcome for both cancer patients and their carers.

Support for carers

Maggie's Barts

Carers can drop into Maggie’s Barts to talk to a cancer support specialist about their needs. Contact Maggie's Barts, telephone 020 3904 3448, email

Get involved

Want to help make a difference to cancer services in north east London?

If you have personal experience of cancer as a patient or carer in north east London, we would like to hear from you. Join our group of patient and carer representatives today.

For more information, visit our Patient and Carer Voice in Cancer web pages.

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