Cancer: diagnosis and treatment


Your doctor may refer you for further tests to rule out cancer. Please attend these appointments so we can find out if anything needs treating. While most tests find that there is no cancer present, if we do find anything, catching it early makes it easier to treat.

In Tower Hamlets, we are lucky to have an award-winning diagnosis centre at Mile End Hospital.

The Mile End Early Diagnosis Centre has been designed with input from patients. It is set away from any urgent hospital activities with its own dedicated entrance and reception area. Providing a warm welcome in a relaxing setting, the Centre it gives local residents access to vital health tests, after their referral by a medical expert. 

The Centre has two endoscopy suites, two ultrasound rooms and a CT scanner, offering:

  • greater choice and flexibility of appointments
  • broader range of specialist services in one place
  • consistent quality of service.

The Centre is for patients who have been referred there by a medical expert. Further information is on the Mile End Early Diagnosis Centre web pages.


As a cancer patient living in Tower Hamlets, you may receive treatment at any of our four east London hospitals: Newham, Whipps Cross, St Bartholomew’s or The Royal London.

More information about their cancer care and treatment is available on the Barts Health cancer care web pages.



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