Why choose sheltered housing

House icon held in palm of a handSheltered housing is designed for people who:

  • are aged 55 years and over
  • have needs that match what the service offers¬†
  • are able to live independently¬†

and for who it is agreed that moving into sheltered housing is the right option.

Who is not eligible?

Sheltered housing schemes are not designed for people with behaviours that challenge, for example substance misuse.

If it is decided that you pose a risk to others, you will not be considered for sheltered accommodation.

What is provided?

Sheltered housing provides:

  • a self-contained flat with an assured shorthold tenancy.
  • security and safety features such as door entry systems and CCTV to the main entrance.
  • lifts are in most schemes
  • assisted bathing facilities are available in some schemes
  • shared facilities which may include:
    • laundry rooms
    • communal living areas
    • guest rooms
    • gardens
  • flats are unfurnished. You will need to supply all essential items including carpets, curtains, furniture and, in some cases, kitchen equipment.

On and offsite support

Whilst residents of sheltered schemes live independently, some residents benefit from having staff on site if they require some help or need advice.

Some sheltered schemes have staff present during the day from Monday to Friday, but this can vary. It may be that staff are present only for some of the day. All schemes will have someone visit at least once per week. This will be explained to you if you are invited to attend a viewing of a vacant property.

Staff can help you:

  • settle in
  • get in touch with local health, support and leisure services
  • by providing advice and support with housing related issues.

There are no care staff based at the scheme, but they can visit the scheme to provide care

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