Paying for your care

As a resident in a sheltered housing scheme you:

  •  will pay rent to the housing provider for your flat
  • may also have to pay a service charge with your rent. Depending on the scheme this could cover some fuel charges if, for example, there is a communal boiler or shared supply.
  • are responsible for paying your own council tax and utility bill.

If you are on a lower income you may be eligible for housing benefit and/or a council tax rebate.

Personal care

If you are in need of personal care, an assessment will need to be undertaken by a Tower Hamlets social worker, who will agree your care needs with you. These will be set out in your agreed care and support plan.

You will also agree  whether the council will be able to fund the service, who will provide the care and, if council-funded, have the option of having a direct payment and arranging your own care and support.

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