Personal transport budgets

A personal transport budget (PTB) is funding to help you get to your college or day centre

A PTB allows you to make flexible travel arrangements rather than travelling on a vehicle contracted by the council. 

How much you receive is based on the distance between your home and college or day centre.

How can I use a PTB? 

You could use a PTB to: 

  • buy a travel pass for public transport for you and your parent / carer / guardian / buddy 
  • pay someone to walk or cycle to school with you 
  • be driven to school or college by your parent/carer/guardian or someone chosen by yourself and your carers 
  • arrange shared travel, such as car or taxi sharing with another family 
  • overcome other barriers that may prevent you getting to school, for example your parents may need to get to work before your transport arrives 
  • pay a travel buddy to help you to use public transport.

Your PTB will be reviewed each year. 

How long will I get a PTB for? 

You will get a PTB for the time that you are in the school or college stated in the application.

The PTB agreement is renewed each year. It will only be withdrawn if: 

  • you move home and you no longer qualify 
  • the travel arrangements made for you are unsafe 
  • you leave the school or college 
  • your school or college attendance isn’t as regular as the school or council think it should be.

For more information please contact the Transport Support Unit by email: or telephone: 020 7364 1063.

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