Day centres

What do day centres provide?

Day centres, or day services, provide support to adults and older people who have had a Care Act assessment. They are primarily building-based services in Tower Hamlets. They are located in accessible buildings with trained staff who can support individuals in meeting a range of needs. 

Attending a day service can provide an opportunity to reduce social isolation, engage in a range of purposeful activities or interest groups that are designed to promote independence and wellbeing.

Who is eligible?

To attend a day centre, you must be assessed by Adult Social Care.

Once it is established that someone has eligible needs for care and support, a plan is drawn up that confirms how those needs and the outcomes that an individual might want to achieve, will be met.

What else do I need to know?


Support with getting to the day services can be provided where it is not possible for someone to use public transport or attend with assistance from family or friends.

Meals and refreshments

There is provision for meals and refreshments, for which a charge is payable.

Day centres across Tower Hamlets

Russia Lane

Russia Lane provides 25 places daily to users who have moderate to severe dementia.
The support service users receive is enhanced by the provision of both nursing and OT support from the Mental Health Foundation Trust. 

82 Russia Lane
Bethnal Green
London E2 9LU
Telephone: 020 7364 1202 /  020 7364 1203
Fax: 020 7364 1024. 

Sonali Gardens

Sonali Gardens provides 40 places for its service users during weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 12 places on Saturdays. The service covers personal care and recreational social activities.

Sundial Day Centre

Peabody Trust provides the day care service at the Sundial Centre.  It provides 30 places per day. They also provide drop-in and activities from the premises, some of which are shared with the day centre service users.

Create Day Centre

Create is an innovative service provision for adults with learning disabilities. It offers a wide range of activities, training programs and provides high-quality support to its users.

Create uses a person-centred approach to increase an individual’s confidence and independence, empowering them through training and employment.

35 Ronald Street
E1 0DT
Telephone: 020 7364 6950

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