Cycling is one of the quickest forms of transport for short urban trips. It’s also a great way to maintain an active lifestyle. It’s fast, fun and reliable and is open to all ages and most abilities.

Benefits of cycling

Cycling is an efficient, cheap, healthy, non-polluting mode of transport.

Improve your cycling skills

If you live, work or study in Tower Hamlets, you are eligible for our free one-to-one adult cycle skills sessions, run by Bikeworks on behalf of the council.

Finding a cycling route

Clean Air Route Finder

Use the clean air route finder to chose the cleanest route to your destination, by walking or cycling. Tower Hamlets Council has a walks programme.  Discover more about your local area on a walk

Further information

More details of cycling within Tower Hamlets can be found on the Tower Hamlets Council website, along with details of the council's cycling strategy.

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