NHS continuing health care

NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) is a package of care that is funded by the NHS for people who need long-term care because of a disability, accident or illness.

There is a national process for deciding who is eligible for NHS CHC and should receive support. 

Anyone eligible for NHS CHC will be able to receive the money they need as a personal health budget in the form of a direct payment. This will give people greater choice and control over their care and support.

Who is eligible?

These services are for people who have what is known as a 'primary health need'. This includes people with:

  • physical disabilities
  • learning disabilities
  • mental health needs
  • older adults with complex physical and psychological needs.

Can I access these services?

If you feel that you, a family member or someone you care for may be eligible for NHS CHC, please contact your social worker, community nurse, GP or Continuing Healthcare Team about an assessment.

In order to ensure that only appropriate people receive NHS CHC funding there is a detailed assessment which looks at the person’s health needs, determining whether they have a primary health need.

Find out more

More information about NHS CHC is available on the NHS website.

All of the guiding legislation and assessment tools for NHS CHC can be found on the gov.uk website.