How to write your will

Your will is a legal document and it is very important that you seek advice when creating one.

There are several different ways you can make a legally-valid will, that is a will recognised by the law:

  • you can make your own
  • hire a professional will-writer
  • hire a solicitor.
  • ask certain charities to help
  • some banks offer will-writing services

Most will writing services cost. It is important to find out what the fees are in advance as some can be expensive.

What to include in your will

When writing your will, be very clear about what you want to happen with your estate.

Decide what happens to your assets

Divide up your estate by stating who will receive what monies, assets, such as a house, or specific items such as heirlooms or sentimental jewellery.

Leave money to charity

You can leave money to charities in your will if you choose.

Who are your beneficiaries?

You can say what should happen if any beneficiaries - people or organisations - you have chosen to receive part of your estate die before you do.

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