Shopping for meals

Shopping list ready for food shoppingHelp from friends or family

Consider asking a friend or family member for help.

Often people can pick up your shopping when they are doing their own shopping or run your errands when they are out and about.

Help from the community

A lack of money and resources can make it difficult for older people to access healthy, accessible food options. 

There are several ways the council and community organisations can support you

Supermarkets and home deliveries

Many supermarkets and food delivery services offer home delivery for foods bought online. You could choose ready meals including frozen meals, that can be heated in a microwave or a conventional oven as an alternative.

For advice on shopping and paying safely online, see the Money Advice Service.

The following are some examples of supermarkets and companies who offer home deliveries:

Covid-19 pandemic help with food shopping

Council volunteers can help with ordering and collecting food shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic for those who are shielding or self-isolating. 

Meal deliveries 

There are also several companies who will deliver nutritious, frozen meals if preparing your own meal is not an option. Not all ready meals are high in fat, salt and sugar. The following options offer nutritious and tasty meals that can simply be reheated at home:

You can also order healthy meals through delivery services like Just Eat or Deliveroo, although delivery charges may apply.

Local cafes and restaurants

You can visit a number of local cafés and restaurants, most of which are small businesses located within the community. Many offer lunch options for under £5.

Preparing your own meals

If you, or someone you care for, are having difficulties preparing and cooking your own meals, there are various options you could choose to help make mealtimes easier.

For example, you can find easy and interesting recipies on websites and apps provided by the major supermarkets, the NHS and the BBC.

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