Sight and Hearing Service

Our Sight and Hearing Service works with adults who live in Tower Hamlets who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind.

We work to promote independence, equality and inclusion by providing a personalised service to residents. We do this by using our specialist knowledge and skills to work with the person, their carer, family, community and services to enable the person to have choice and control over their life.

Who is eligible for the service?

If you are having difficulties due to a hearing loss, visual loss or a dual sensory loss, the Sight and Hearing Service may be able to help you. ,To access the service, you must be over 18 years of age and live in Tower Hamlets.

How we can help 

We can provide:

  • general information and advice
  • an assessment of your needs related to your sight loss, hearing loss or dual sensory loss
  • environmental assessments related to your sight loss, hearing loss or dual sensory loss
  • support services to meet your eligible needs following assessment, this may include practical support and specialist equipment
  • vision rehabilitation training and equipment to encourage your independent living skills
  • mobility /travel training for blind and partially sighted people
  • classes in braille and advice on IT equipment
  • links with local community groups and the NHS who work with adults that have a sensory loss.

As the Sight and Hearing Service is part of the Reablement Service and we can access Reablement Officer Support as, appropriate. 

Further information

To access the service contact Tower Hamlets Connect.

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