Direct payments

What is a direct payment?

Direct payments are cash payments made to people who have been assessed as needing social care services from the council.

Having a direct payment means you are able to arrange your own services or support, you have more freedom, choice and control as you can decide how your needs are met. You can be creative in your thinking on how your budget is used.

If you already receive support from the council and would like to apply for a direct payment, contact the Direct Payment Support Service and let them know that you're interested in receiving a direct payment for your social care needs.

Who is eligible?

You can receive direct payments if you're 16 or over, and assessed by the council as needing social care services.

How do I apply for a direct payment?

If you get council-funded support at the moment and are interested in getting a direct payment, you can contact the member of staff, eg social worker or team, who last set up or reviewed your support.

Contact Tower Hamlets Connect if you are not sure where to start. For contact details see the contact us page.

Support for people receiving direct payments

Becoming an employer for the first time can seem daunting. This is why the council has contracted a Direct Payments Support Service to help direct payment recipients to get started, and provide support and advice when they need it.

PeoplePlus Independent Living Services

PeoplePlus Independent Living Services is an experienced provider of support and guidance for people who receive direct payments. Our Tower Hamlets-based team will offer you a personalised service to ensure you have choice and control over your care and support package.

They will support you to maximise your independence so you are able to live the life you choose. We do this through providing:

  • information and guidance about setting up direct payments
  • support to recruit and employ a personal assistant
  • help with identifying possible providers from Tower Hamlet Council’s e-marketplace
  • training and ongoing support in meeting employment responsibilities, managing risk and staying safe
  • support with planning for contingencies and emergencies
  • access to peer support in local community settings across Tower Hamlets.