Home care services

You may need a little support to stay living independently at home. This might include help from family, friends or neighbours with tasks such as washing, shopping or cleaning.

Sometimes you may need more help, from a professional. This support can be provided by home care services. These are sometimes called domiciliary care services.

Home care services can provide support with:

  • personal care, such as showering, getting dressed and help with using the toilet
  • medication and some low level health tasks
  • keeping yourself safe
  • preparing a meal or drink and assisting with eating and drinking
  • participating in your local community
  • maintaining your home with tasks such as laundry and housework
  • collecting your pension and shopping.

Who are home care services for?

Home care services are for residents assessed as needing support in order to remain living at home.

Home care is usually offered to residents who have undergone a short term intensive period of support first, known as reablement. More information can be found on the Reablement (short term support) page.

How can I get home care services?

We will carry out an assessment to look at what you can do and what you need help with. An assessment identifies your social care needs where it is decided what, if any, care and support you need to help live your day to day life, as defined by the Care Act 2014. More information about assessments can be found on the adult social care page.

If you are eligible, you will be advised of the personal budget available to you based on a care and support plan developed and agreed with you. This plan sets out in detail the services you will receive or home care services you can buy with your personal budget. You will be given a copy of this.

Will I have to pay?

The amount you pay will depend on

  • the services you receive
  • your financial situation/ the amount you have in savings and your income.

A financial assessment will be undertaken to determine the amount you should contribute.

More information can be found on paying for your care and support  and direct payments and personal budgets.

Home care providers

Tower Hamlets Council has contracts with a number of home care agencies who can support you to live at home. These are listed on the  left of this page, entitled 'commissioned home care providers'.

For details of these and other services that provide support to help you live at home, see the Community Directory.