Why is physiotherapy important?

Physiotherapists can help you move more easily and rest more comfortably. They can show you simple and fun exercises to keep you well and healthy.

Physiotherapy can help with:

  • walking safely and balance so you don’t feel so wobbly
  • exercise to make you stronger
  • muscle tone to help you relax
  • joint pain and stiffness
  • problems with your spine
  • wheelchair and equipment needs
  • standing, sitting and lying down to help protect your body shape and stay healthy
  • shoes and orthotics
  • fitness and exercise
  • training your family and carers
  • exercise classes in a special pool called a hydrotherapy pool
  • exercise classes on a big trampoline
  • falls service, if you have had a fall and need support.

If you want a physiotherapist to see you, contact the Learning Disability Service.

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