What is personalised care?

Health professionals are changing the culture of the way they deliver care, moving from ‘professional knows best’ towards a model of ‘patient knows best’.

Enabling a person-centred approach

Personalised care empowers you as a patient to have more control over your health, so improving your health outcomes.

Traditionally, patients have reported having little understanding and knowledge of their health conditions and the language used to describe them. That lack of understanding plus patients not having a say on the care they received, resulted in poorer health outcomes. 

Who delivers personalised care?

To support the movement from ‘professional knows best’ to ‘patient knows best’ the NHS is introducing new roles into primary care networks, including:

  • social prescribers
  • health and wellbeing coaches, and
  • care co-ordinators.

All these roles use a person-centred approach. Each one offers you, as the patient, the time required to:

  • explore, ‘what matters to you’
  • to build positive relationships with their patients, and
  • collaboratively create a personalised care support plan based on shared decision making process.

to help you, the patient, improve your overall health and wellbeing and quality of life by assisting you with goal setting and monitor your progress towards those goals.





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