What is mental health and wellbeing?

Red amber and green emojis portraying emotionsMental health and wellbeing can be impacted by and changed throughout different daily activities and  life experiences, both positively and negatively.

Taking care of our minds is important, There are things we can do to protect and promote mental health and wellbeing, or address issues we’re experiencing. 

Good mental health and wellbeing can mean different things to different people. Every person may find their own way to a life that is meaningful and satisfying for them. Wellbeing includes:

  • our day-to-day emotional experiences
  • how we respond to stresses and challenges in life
  • our sense that what we do in life is worthwhile.

Mental health issues are very common, affecting about one in every four people in Britain. We can experience these as feelings and thoughts. Mental health conditions can range from very common problems such as depression and anxiety, to severe problems such as psychosis.

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