Adult social care

Adult social care provides you with the advice, information and support you need to live an independent fulfilling life.

The Tower Hamlets Connect website provides information and advice on a variety of subjects including:

There is also a community directory which contains details of a range of services in the borough, and how they may be able to provide support.

Support from adult social care

If you're not able to find the help, support or services you need within the information and advice pages or community directory (or if they don't meet your needs) then you may benefit from additional help from adult social care.

Adult social care supports adults of all ages, disabilities and backgrounds. The team helps people to live happy and fulfilling lives, mainly through support at home and in the community.

When thinking about whether additional help would be useful, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What you would like to be able to achieve?
  • What difference would achieving that make to your life?
  • What has changed recently in your life?
  • What options have you considered?

Write down your answers to help you remember them.

Contact adult social care

If you think adult social care can help you, contact Tower Hamlets Connect.

They will ask you about the reason for your call and have a discussion with you to identify the best options available to help you. This could be accessing community based support, getting some equipment or referring you for a more in-depth assessment. 

How an assessment works

An assessment is used to help adult social care understand your situation and is used to make decisions about what kind of support and services to offer you.

An assessment typically involves meeting with a social care professional, for example, a social worker employed by the council. 

An assessment looks at:

Your situation

This focuses around the issues you need help with and the impact those issues are having on your wellbeing. We want to understand all the issues you need help with so that we can decide how best to support you.

The law requires that your assessment starts with your views about the needs you have to improve your wellbeing

What is already working to address those issues

This focuses on how you help yourself and how others - friends, family members or other organisations - are helping you now or in future

What needs to happen or change

This focuses on what you want to achieve and what needs to be put in place to enable this to happen.

We recognise that you may not need council-funded support to meet all your needs. Many issues can be resolved in a different way, and we will support you to identify those ways. The council has a legal duty to ensure that eligible needs are met.

Deciding your needs

At the end of the assessment, the council decides what your needs are, which of them that require council funding will be met and with how much resource. To make that decision, the council uses criteria that was set by the government in the Care Act 2014.

Read the Care Act 2014 criteria 

Generally the criteria means that we will meet those needs that are having a significant impact on your wellbeing. We can meet needs that are not eligible, but this is at the council’s discretion.

Carer's assessment

If you care for someone, a separate carers assessment is available. More details can be found on the Support  for carers page page.

If you're unhappy with our decision

If you do not agree with the decision, you should discuss the matter with the member of staff who conducted your assessment in the first instance. If you are still not happy you can ask their manager to review the decision.

If you have a complaint about the way your assessment was conducted you can contact the Complaints Officer at the council by emailing, phoning or writing to us.

Adult social care complaints form.