Community safety and crime prevention

*Emergency help*

If you are a victim of crime, dial 999 in an emergency.

Working with the community

The safety and welfare of our residents is a key concern for us, from social and personal safety to the wider issues affecting us all as residents in London today. We work with communities, the police, housing providers, the voluntary and private sectors and other statutory agencies to ensure that you, your family and property are safe.

Refer to our community safety resident offer to find out about the resources we offer and what you can do to help us keep you safe. 

Use our guide to find out how and where to report crime, anti-social behaviour and other community safety issues.

Further information

Find out more in each section below:

Find out about hate crime and what you can do to report it.

Find out about our local Prevent strategy, and what we are doing to keep people and communities safe from the threat of terrorism.