Mental health

Good mental wellbeing is important to our physical health, our relationships, our education, our work and to achieving our potential. It can help us to cope with life’s problems and to enjoy the good things.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of steps that any of us can take to improve upon our wellbeing:

  • connect - with the people around you, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • be active - go for a walk or a run, garden, play a game
  • take notice - be curious and aware of the world around you
  • keep learning - try a new recipe, learn a new language, set yourself a challenge
  • give - do something nice for somebody, volunteer, join a community group.

Mental health issues are very common, affecting about one in every four people in Britain. Mental health problems can range from very common disorders such as depression and anxiety, to severe problems such as psychosis.

If you are concerned about your mental health you should see your GP for advice and treatment.

Mental health services in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Early Detection Service (THEDS) is a small team comprised of mental health nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists who support young people aged 16-25 who have experienced symptoms of mental illness to get their lives back on track.
Contact: 020 3487 1320 or

Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham is a community mental health charity that provides advice and support to anyone with a mental health or emotional issue. They also provide free counselling for Tower Hamlets residents.
Contact: 020 7510 4247/4248 or

Emergency Mental Health Crisis Line is a free 24-hour crisis line for anyone who feels their mental health has deteriorated, and they are fearful for their own, or other people's, safety. Trained staff provide support and refer callers to appropriate specialist services.
Telephone: 0800 073 0003.

Other emergency mental health crisis services include specialist support for people under 18 and the mental health crisis café.

Tower Hamlets Autism Service is a diagnostic and brief intervention service for adults living in Tower Hamlets. It provides assessments and diagnoses of autism spectrum conditions. The service welcomes self-referrals.
Contact: 020 7655 4000 or

Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health provides a wide range of services for people who require inpatient support and care for mental health problems or a mental health crisis. The unit aims to provide short and focused admissions in a 24-hour, seven day a week supportive and safe environment.

Family and friends are encouraged to stay in contact with patients. However, COVID-19 may mean that visiting arrangements change. Contact: 020 8121 5001 to find out more.

Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies are for people experiencing a range of mental health conditions that are stopping them from enjoying an active and fulfilling life. Visit their website for a list of conditions treated, and to access the service.

Tower Hamlets Psychological Therapies Service works with adults aged 18 and over who have long-standing, complex mental health needs. To discuss how to refer, contact your GP or current mental health specialist.

Tower Hamlets Recovery College provides courses that cover a range of areas that might support recovery, including:

  • tools and strategies to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences
  • education about mental and physical health
  • helpful tips on practical life skills
  • how to get involved in study and work opportunities.