Learning disabilities

Teacher and two students with learning disabilitiesCommunity Learning Disability Service (CLDS)

CLDS is a team of health staff and social workers who help adults (persons aged 18 and over) with a learning disability who live in Tower Hamlets. 

How they can help

They support the person with a learning disability, their families and carers.  The team also helps parents or carers of someone with a learning disability in their caring role to have a better life. 

The team helps people be as independent as possible by offering advice, therapy and practical support. They can direct you to other services.

CLDS can help you to:

  • live a healthy independent and safe life
  • have a place to live
  • understand money
  • have a job or support with training or employment
  • make decisions and choices
  • have positive relationships with friends and family
  • go out have fun and meet new people
  • get around and be respected in the community
  • prepare for a hospital stay or visit to your GP
  • if you are sad, angry or having a difficult time.

You will meet two members of the team for an assessment to decide if you have a learning disability, and what help you need. The meeting can be at the CLDS office or at another convenient place, such as your home, your day service, college or school.

Appointments at CLDS

Watch the video below in either English or Sylheti:

Get in touch 

You can contact the CLDS yourself or ask your GP, social worker, health or education worker, relative, carer or support worker to refer you to the service. 

You will be seen within 28 days of referral. If you need help more quickly or are being hurt, neglected or abused you can be seen within 48 hours.

Contact CLDS, telephone 020  771 5500, email BHNT.LearningDisability@nhs.net.