Carers - family, friends, neighbours providing support

Who is a carer?

Wives, partners, husbands, sons, daughters parents or friends and neighbours can all find themselves caring for someone. They are simply getting on with what needs to be done: they often don't think of themselves as ‘carers’. 

They are all carers.

A carer is anyone who provides regular unpaid care to one or more people who cannot manage without their help. This could be due to

  • age
  • physical or mental illness
  • addiction
  • disability.

The role of a carer 

A carer provides emotional and practical support, either directly or from a distance. This role as a carer can start and stop at any time.

Friends and family who care for their loved ones play a crucial role in our society. Tower Hamlets Council and its partners are committed to supporting carers caring for someone resident in the borough in their caring role, and ensuring they have a life of their own.

The Proud to Care Rewards Scheme is a member benefit scheme, led  by London ADASS, that will help improve the lives of social care workers and unpaid carers and to say a big thank you for the continued hard work.  

Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, engagements or everyday shopping, the scheme offers a range of discounts that can be applied to purchases helping to lighten the load.

Unpaid carers can sign up to the scheme for free: Please enter the Scheme ID Number: 7827. 

Find out more about the scheme in this video:

Services and support for carers

Carers Centre

The council, in partnership with the Carers Centre Tower Hamlets, provides a range of services which includes:

  • practical support, training and resources
    • 1:1 casework and advocacy support
    • specific carer-related training
    • help with claiming benefits for both the carer and cared for
    • carers needs assessments
    • digital resources for carers – online training and forums
  • counselling and forums
    • bereavement counselling
    • carers forums and peer support groups
    • group and one-to-one support
  • social opportunities and activities
    • overnight carers retreats
    • inhouse activities and day trips
    • volunteering opportunities
    • alleviation and management of stress including complimentary massage therapy
    • young adult carers project.

The Carers Centre is open to all adult (16+ year old carers) who care for an adult living in Tower Hamlets. Please complete the registration form for someone at the Carers Centre to contact you.

Tower Hamlets Carers Centre
21 Brayford Square
London E1 0SG
Tel: 020 7790 1765.

Community Learning Disability Service (CLDS)

Community Learning Disability Service (CLDS) helps parents or carers of someone with a learning disability in their caring role to have a better life.